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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Author: norbi



If you are scrolling down you may find information regarding the story line of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

Game plot - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In this 3D open-world entry in the Zelda series, Link is awakened from a deep slumber without his past memories in the post-apocalyptic Kingdom of Hyrule, and sets off on a journey to defeat the ancient evil Calamity Ganon. Link treks, climbs and glides through fields, forests and mountain ranges while meeting and helping friendly folk and defeating enemies in order to gather up the strength to face Ganon.

Playable on: Playstation 4
Genres: Adventure RPG


How many chapters in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?


List of chapters in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  1. Follow the Sheikah Slate
  2. The Isolated Plateau
  3. Seek Out Impa
  4. Locked Mementos
  5. Find the Fairy Fountain
  6. Free the Divine Beasts
  7. Reach Zora’s Domain
  8. Divine Beast Vah Ruta
  9. Divine Beast Vah Rudania
  10. Divine Beast Vah Medoh
  11. Forbidden City Entry
  12. Divine Beast Vah Naboris
  13. The Hero’s Sword
  14. Captured Memories
  15. Destroy Ganon

(Main missions only.)

How many side missions in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

List of side missions in

  1. Robbie’s Research
  2. From the Ground Up
  3. A Parent’s Love
  4. Hobbies of the Rich
  5. A Shady Customer
  6. Little Sister’s Big Request
  7. Hylian Homeowner
  8. The Statue’s Bargain
  9. A Gift for My Beloved
  10. The Weapon Connoisseur
  11. The Sheep Rustlers
  12. Sunshroom Sensing
  13. Slated for Upgrades
  14. Sunken Treasure
  15. What’s for Dinner
  16. Take Back the Sea
  17. Koko’s Kitchen
  18. Cooking with Koko
  19. Koko Cuisine
  20. Koko’s Specialty
  21. Playtime with Cottl
  22. By Firefly’s Light
  23. Flown the Coop
  24. The Priceless Maracas
  25. Arrows of Burning Heat
  26. Stalhorse: Pictured!
  27. Curry for What Ails You
  28. Face the Frost Talus
  29. The Apple of My Eye
  30. The Spark of Romance
  31. The Jewel Trade
  32. Death Mountain’s Secret
  33. The Road to Respect
  34. Fireproof Lizard Roundup
  35. Balloon Flight
  36. The Thunder Helm
  37. The Search for Barta
  38. Medicinal Molduga
  39. The Eighth Heroine
  40. The Mystery Polluter
  41. The Secret Club’s Secret
  42. Tools of the Trade
  43. The Forgotten Sword
  44. Missing in Action
  45. Rushroom Rush!
  46. Good-Sized Horse
  47. An Ice Guy
  48. A Freezing Rod
  49. The Korok Trials
  50. Riddles of Hyrule
  51. Legendary Rabbit Trial
  52. Special Delivery
  53. Lynel Safari
  54. The Giant of Ralis Pond
  55. Frog Catching
  56. Zora Stone Monuments
  57. Diving is Beauty!
  58. Luminous Stone Gathering
  59. A Wife Washed Away
  60. A Gift from the Monks
  61. The Hero’s Cache
  62. Misko, the Great Bandit
  63. Wild Horses
  64. A Gift of Nightshade
  65. Hunt for the Giant Horse
  66. The Horseback Hoodlums
  67. Thunder Magnet
  68. A Gift for the Great Fairy
  69. Leviathan Bones
  70. The Royal Guard’s Gear
  71. A Royal Recipe
  72. Riverbed Reward
  73. My Hero
  74. A Rare Find
  75. The Royal White Stallion

How long to beat The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

Main story line only: 50
Completionists: 186


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