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Saints Row IV

Author: krisz



If you are scrolling down you may find information regarding the story line of Saints Row IV!

Game plot - Saints Row IV

Unlike the first three games in the franchise, Saints Row 4 does not center around the main character defeating three rival gangs in order to take over a city. The Saints have now become a household name, and their leader has become the president of the Unites States. The antagonists in Saints Row 4 are an invading alien race known as the Zin. Most of the game takes place within a computer simulation of the city of Steelport controlled by the Zin, where the protagonist is attempting to free himself and his companions.




How many chapters in Saints Row IV?


List of chapters in Saints Row IV

  1. The Saints Wing
  2. A Pleasant Day
  3. The Fundamentals
  4. Bending the Rules
  5. Blazin
  6. Hot and Cold
  7. Blast
  8. The Real World
  9. Hack the Planet
  10. Break on Through
  11. Platforming Rift
  12. Power Element Training
  13. Power Up CID
  14. Prof. Genki’s Mind Over Murder
  15. Miller-Space
  16. Matt’s Back
  17. The Warden Stomp
  18. Fight Club
  19. De Plane Boss
  20. The Saints Flow
  21. King Me
  22. The Case of Mr. X
  23. A Game of Clones
  24. Welcome Back
  25. Power Training
  26. When a Plan Comes Together
  27. All Hands on Deck
  28. He Lives
  29. Hello Teacup
  30. We have the Technology
  31. Batteries Not Included
  32. Grand Finale
  33. Nytefall
  34. Girls Night Out
  35. Pump up the Volume
  36. King of the Dance
  37. Training Day
  38. SR3 Wrap-Up
  39. The Girl Who Beat Cyrus


(Main missions only.)

How many side missions in Saints Row IV?

Saints Row IV

List of side missions in

Power Play Obey
Campaign Trail of Destruction
The Pledge
Gateway (side)
Executive Orders
White Rabbit
Something to Prove
White Light/White Heat
The Solid
Shaundi’s List
Royale Fun Trumps All
Ghost Writing
Obey (again)
A Whiter Shade of Pale
White Wedding
Closer to 250
Supreme Justice
The Simulation Recognizes
Obey (One More Time)
The Turn
The Prestige
Under Pressure
Secret Admirer
Back To Basics
Embrace The Crazy
Rising Action
The Climax
Kill And Let Die
Gat Time, Fun Time
Kill Kill Destroy Kill

How long to beat Saints Row IV?

Main story line only: 16
Completionists: 36


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