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Katamari Damacy

Author: krisz



If you are scrolling down you may find information regarding the story line of Katamari Damacy!

Game plot - Katamari Damacy

The King of All Cosmos accidentally destroyed the stars and—having recovered—wants the prince to rebuild them. Unfortunately the prince stands a little less than half a foot tall, so recreating the stars will require some effort. Enter the Katamari, a sphere the prince can push around our world to “roll up” items increasing the Katamari’s size until it’s suitable for the King.

Taking place in stylized versions of Japanese houses, cities, and environs, the prince pushes the Katamari around collecting items which adhere to it. At first, the prince can only pick up smaller items, but as the Katamari grows, the more it can collect. Push pins and paper clips cling to the Katamari increasing its size so it can roll over obstacles and pick up bigger items. Over many levels, the Katamari can eventually pick up people, cars, and other bigger items.

Players steer the Katamari from a third-person perspective using the analog sticks on the PS2. A tutorial stage takes the player through the controls and sets up the story as well as introducing a side story about a Japanese girl who can feel the cosmos. Wanting to challenge the prince, the King sets requirements on the Katamari’s size and sets time limits on the level. Bonus missions restore constellations and have their own restrictions.

The world of Katamari Damacy is brought to life with off-beat animation and a catchy soundtrack. Players can find presents hidden in the levels that contain accessories for the prince. Two players can also battle head-to-head in a Katamari competition.

Playable on: Playstation 2
Genres: Adventure Puzzle


How many chapters in Katamari Damacy?


List of chapters in Katamari Damacy

1 Make a Star 1
2 Make a Star 2
3 Make a Star 3
4 Make a Star 4
5 Make a Star 5
6 Make a Star 6
7 Make a Star 7
8 Make a Star 8
9 Make a Star 9
10 Make the Moon
11 Make Cancer
12 Make Cygnus
13 Make Corona Borealis
14 Make Gemini
15 Make Ursa Major
16 Make Taurus
17 Make Pisces
18 Make Virgo
19 Make the North Star
20 Eternal 1
21 Eternal 2
22 Eternal 3
23 Credits

(Main missions only.)

How many side missions in Katamari Damacy?

Katamari Damacy

List of side missions in

/No side missions/

How long to beat Katamari Damacy?

Main story line only: 6 Hours
Completionists: 12 Hours


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