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Dragon Age: Origins

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If you are scrolling down you may find information regarding the story line of Dragon Age: Origins!

Game plot - Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins (previously known as Dragon Age) is a single-player third-person high-fantasy role-playing game developed by BioWare. It is a single-player only game that BioWare co-CEO Ray Muzyka describes as a “spiritual successor” to the Baldur’s Gate series, though it is not based on Dungeons & Dragons rules or the Forgotten Realms setting. It utilizes a new BioWare-developed engine named Eclipse.

The designers incorporated origin stories for each race and some classes in the game. For example, a dwarf who is a member of the noble caste will begin the game as part of the royal family in one of the dwarven cities, while a dwarf commoner will begin on the streets of the city. Origin stories provide an introduction to the game world and hours of gameplay. People that the Warden meets during the origin story may reappear throughout the game, some of whom may be adversaries.

Genres: RPG


How many chapters in Dragon Age: Origins?


List of chapters in Dragon Age: Origins

  1. Joining the Grey Wardens
  2. Tainted Blood
  3. The Grey Wardens’ Cache
  4. After the Joining
  5. The Tower of Ishal
  6. Lothering and the Imperial Highway
  7. Broken Circle
  8. The Arl of Redcliffe
  9. Nature of the Beast
  10. The Urn of Sacred Ashes
  11. A Paragon of Her Kind
  12. The Landsmeet
  13. The Battle of Denerim

(Main missions only.)

How many side missions in Dragon Age: Origins?

Dragon Age: Origins

List of side missions in

  1. Acquire Ser Nancine’s sword
  2. An Admirable Topsider
  3. Asunder
  4. The Attack at Nightfall
  5. Back Alley Justice
  6. Bandits on the Road
  7. Bandits
  8. The Black Vials
  9. Category:Blackstone Irregulars quests
  10. Blood of Warning
  11. Brothers and Sons
  12. Caged in Stone
  13. Cammen’s Lament
  14. Caravan Down
  15. Careless Accusations
  16. A Change in Leadership
  17. The Chant in the Deeps
  18. Chasind Trail Signs
  19. Category:Circle Tower side quests
  20. Civil War (location)
  21. The Cousland Treasury
  22. Crime Wave
  23. The Crimson Oars
  24. The Dead Caste
  25. Dead Drops
  26. Defending the Collective
  27. Category:Denerim side quests
  28. Dereliction of Duty
  29. Desperate Haven
  30. Dragon Scale Armor
  31. Drake Scale Armor
  32. The Drifter’s Cache
  33. Elora’s Halla
  34. The Elven Ritual
  35. Enchantment (quest)
  36. Exotic Methods
  37. A Fallen Templar
  38. False Witness
  39. Fazzil’s Request
  40. A Fistful of Silver
  41. Five Pages
  42. Forgotten Verses
  43. Friends of Red Jenny (quest)
  44. The Gangue Shade
  45. The Golem Registry
  46. Grease the Wheels

How long to beat Dragon Age: Origins?

Main story line only: 40
Completionists: 86


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