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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Author: krisz



If you are scrolling down you may find information regarding the story line of Dragon Age: Inquisition!

Game plot - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a role-playing game and the third main game in the Dragon Age series. It is set in the Thedas continent, the same fantasy world as the two previous games. It consist of two large countries: Ferelden (from Dragon Age: Origins) and Orlais, as well as the land inbetween.

True to the spirit of the series the character can be customized for appearance, sex, class and race. The available races are dwarf, elf, human, and Qunari and the classes are mage, rogue, and warrior with three specializations each. To grow the Inquisition experience needs to be earned by completing quests, which allows the player to further define allegiances and pursue romances.

A custom party can be defined and each member benefits from experience as it opens up access to better weapons and more abilities. Power points open up new areas and Inquisition points define the influence over the region; each new level provides a perk that benefits the entire Inquisition.



How many chapters in Dragon Age: Inquisition?


List of chapters in Dragon Age: Inquisition

  1. Inquisitor’s Path
  2. Jaws of Hakkon
  3. The Descent
  4. Trespasser


(Main missions only.)

How many side missions in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Dragon Age: Inquisition

List of side missions in

• Crestwood
• Emerald Graves
o Chateau d’Onterre
o Din’an Hanin
o Villa Maurel
• Emprise du Lion
o The Cradle of Sulevin
• Exalted Plains
o Lost Temple of Dirthamen
• Fade
• Fallow Mire
• Forbidden Oasis
• Haven
• Hinterlands
o Valammar
• Hissing Wastes
• Skyhold
• Storm Coast
• Western Approach
o Coracavus
o Still Ruins
o Therinfal Redoubt
• Winter Palace
• Jaws of Hakkon
o Frostback Basin
• The Descent
o Deep Roads
• Trespasser
o Winter Palace
Still Waters
Capturing Caer Bronach
Burdens of Command
Holding Crestwood
The Naturalist
Wyrm Hole
High Stakes
Weeding Out Bandits

Rift at Caer Bronach
Rift near the North Gate
Rifts at Three Trout Farm

Caravan Requisition in Crestwood
Iron Survey in Crestwood
Longbow Requisition in Crestwood
Obsidian Survey in Crestwood
Truth Requisition in Crestwood
Emerald Graves
Watcher’s Reach Refugees
A Bear to Cross
A Corrupt General
A Deluded Chevalier
A Fallen Sister
A Lover’s Promise
A Puppet Master
A Vicious Thug
Fairbanks’ Trust
Fairbanks Patrol Under Attack (unmarked quest)
Holding the Emerald Graves
Last Wishes
Map of Elgar’nan’s Bastion
Map of Watcher’s Pass
Motherly Encouragement
Noble Deeds, Noble Heart
Not Everyone’s Free
Parson’s Battered Notebook (unmarked quest)
Observing the Menace
The Freemen of the Dales
The Tiniest Cave
Victims of War

Rifts at the Cove
Rifts at the Pavilion
Rifts at the Reach
Rifts near the Sighs

Artifact Requisition in the Graves
Lure Requisition in the Graves
Obsidian Survey in the Graves
Pyrophite Survey in the Graves
Remedy Requisition in the Graves
Chateau d’Onterre
Chateau d’Onterre
Din’an Hanin
The Knights’ Tomb
Villa Maurel
Safe Keeping
Emprise du Lion
Take Back the Lion
A Timely Intervention
The Corruption of Sahrnia
Quarry Quandary
Rocky Rescue
Red Captors
They Shall Not Pass
Call Me Imshael
Capturing Suledin Keep
Breeding Grounds
Words not Hollow
Valeska’s Watch
Mama’s Ring
Caged Confession
Sifting Through Rubble
Securing Safe Passage
Turning the Tables

Rift on Frozen Water
Rift at Elfsblood Tower
Rifts at Drakon’s Cleft
Rifts in the Springs

Bloodstone Survey in the Emprise
Brazier Requisition in the Emprise
Coat Requisition in the Emprise
Shelter Requisition in the Emprise
The Cradle of Sulevin
Ruined Blade
Exalted Plains
Undead Ramparts to the West
A Dalish Perspective
Silence on the Plains
For the Empire
Lay Rest the Eastern Ramparts
Calming Victory Rise
Lay Rest the Western Ramparts
Another Side, Another Story
No Word Back
Scattered Glyphs
Ghilan’nain’s Grove
Holding the Exalted Plains
Map of Enavuris
Sketch of Enavuris River
Map of Halin’sulahn
By the Grace of the Dalish
From the Beyond
The Spoils of Desecration
A Well-Stocked Camp
The Golden Halla
Something to Prove
Someone to Lose
Pressed for Cache
A Father’s Guidance
A Familiar Ring
Left to Grieve

Rifts in the Old Plains
Rifts in the Fens
Rifts on the Battlefield

Armor Requisition on the Plains
Bloodstone Survey on the Plains
Harness Requisition on the Plains
Lore Requisition on the Plains
Obsidian Survey on the Plains
Spyglass Requisition on the Plains
Lost Temple of Dirthamen
God of Secrets
Runes in the Lost Temple
Broken Window
Fears of the Dreamers
Fallow Mire
Lost Souls
Beneath the Mire
Beacons in the Dark
Holding the Mire
Cabin Fever
These Demons Are Clever

Rifts in the Mire

Artifact Requisition in the Mire
Blue Vitriol Survey in the Mire
Elixir Requisition in the Mire
Summer Stone Survey in the Mire
Forbidden Oasis
The Temple of Pride
Shard Collector
A Prideful Place
The Cold Endured
The Fire Captured
The Spirit Calmed
Holding the Oasis
The Door in Par’as Cavern
What It’s Worth

Rifts High and Low
Rifts in the Oasis

Alloy Requisition in the Oasis
Luster Survey in the Oasis
Mining Requisition in the Oasis
Serpentstone Survey in the Oasis
Spider Requisition in the Oasis
Haven’s Best and Brightest
Know Thy Enemy
The Right Armor
Piece by Piece
Mixing Potions
Passing Notes
Lotus and Root
Requisition for Weapons
Master of Horses
In the Saddle
Farmland Security
Horses for the Inquisition
Trouble with Wolves
The Mercenary Fortress
Deep Trouble
Templars to the West
Hunger Pangs
Apostates in Witchwood
East Road Bandits
In the Elements
An Advanced Treatment
A Rare Treatment
A Common Treatment
A Healing Hand
Holding the Hinterlands
Sketch of Calenhad’s Foothold
Map to a Waterfall
Map of Farmland Cave
Bergrit’s Claws
Playing with Fire
Shallow Breaths
Stone Dreams
Flowers for Senna
Love Waits
Blood Brothers
Open a Vein
The Ballad of Lord Woolsley
Praise the Herald of Andraste
Where the Druffalo Roam
Letter from a Lover
Conscientious Objector
Return Policy
Business Arrangements
Agrarian Apostate
Failure to Deliver
A Spirit in the Lake
Hinterland Who’s Who
Strange Bedfellows
Safeguards Against Looters
My Lover’s Phylactery

Rifts at the Foothold
Rifts on the Farm
Rifts in the Woods
Rifts on the Outskirts
Rifts at Dwarfson’s Pass

Hinterlands Cage Requisition
Hinterlands Geological Survey
Hinterlands Field Tent Requisition
Hinterlands Iron Survey
Hinterlands Puzzle Box Requisition
Hinterlands Tapestry Requisition
The Vault of Valammar
Hissing Wastes
The Tomb of Fairel
Sand and Ruin
Holding the Hissing Wastes
Let’s Slay the Beast
Field of Bones
Notes on the Wastes

Rifts at the Sunstop Mountains
Rifts near the Canyon
Rifts near the Cove
Rifts near the Sand Crags

Artifact Requisition in the Wastes
Lazurite Survey in the Wastes
Nevarrite Survey in the Wastes
Relief Requisition in the Wastes
Shelter Requisition in the Wastes
Welcome to Skyhold
Inquisition Trappings
A Greener Garden
A Better Courtyard
A Superior Tower
Advanced Crafting
Rune Crafting
Scattered in Skyhold
Fragment of Inadequate Chain Mail
Sit in Judgment
Storm Coast
Vigilance on the Coast
Cleaning House
Wardens of the Coast
Red Water
Holding the Storm Coast
A Glowing Key
Keeping the Darkspawn Down
Sutherland and Company Missing

Rifts on the Coast
Rift at the Falls

Antivenom Requisition on the Coast
Iron Survey on the Coast
Salvage Requisition on the Coast
Western Approach
Frederic’s Livelihood
Assault on Griffon Wing Keep
Into the Approach
The Venatori
The Abyssal High Dragon
Hunting Patterns
How to Lure a Dragon
Sharper White Claws
Holding the Western Approach
Fortress Squatters
This Water Tastes Funny
On the Chantry Trail

Rifts in Sand and Dust
Rifts in the Canyons
Rifts in Echoback
Rifts off the Pass

Code Requisition in the Approach
Fauna Requisition in the Approach
Lazurite Survey in the Approach
Luster Survey in the Approach
The Trouble with Darkspawn
Still Ruins
A Tevinter Relic Hunt
A Stranger Rift in the Ruins
The Heart of the Still Ruins
A Manuscript of Some Authority
Therinfal Redoubt
Demonic Dogma
Winter Palace
The Great Blackmail Hunt
Throwing Away Money
Herd of Stone Halla
Red Jenny’s Stashes
Jaws of Hakkon
Frostback Basin
Guests of the Hold
A Father’s Name
Hakkon’s Trials
In Exile
It Remains to be Seen
Up and Away
Where Once We Walked
Beasts at Bay
Holding Frostback Basin
Lead the Charge
The Loss of a Friend
The Mystery of Winter
The Nox Morta
They Came From Somewhere Else
Worthy of Publication

Rift in the Floor
Rifts Along the River
Rifts in the Basin
Rifts on the Bank
The Descent
Deep Roads
Holding the Deep Roads
Rune-Warded Gate of Segrummar
A Second Rune-Warded Gate
A Warm Welcome
Builder’s Towers
Chronicles of Forgotten Wars
Exploring the Deep Roads
Killing Me Softly
On Broken Knees
Sacrificial Gates of Segrummar
Winter Palace
Painting Correction (unmarked quest)
Harlequin Tag (unmarked quest)
Halla Treasure Hunt (unmarked quest)
Expensive Bones (unmarked quest)
Fireworks (unmarked quest)


How long to beat Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Main story line only: 47
Completionists: 128


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