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Doom (1993)

Author: adminka



If you are scrolling down you may find information regarding the story line of Doom (1993)!

Game plot - Doom (1993)

Doom is divided into three episodes: “Knee-Deep in the Dead”, “The Shores of Hell”, and “Inferno”.  An unnamed space marine, the Doomguy, has been punitively posted to Mars after assaulting a superior officer, who ordered his unit to fire on civilians. The space marines act as security for the Union Aerospace Corporation’s radioactive waste facilities, which are used by the military to perform secret experiments with teleportation by creating gateways between the two moons of Mars, Phobos, and Deimos. Three years later, Deimos disappears entirely, and “something fraggin’ evil” starts pouring out of the teleporter gateways, killing or possessing all personnel. The Martian marine unit is dispatched to investigate, with the player character left to guard the perimeter with only a pistol while the rest of the group proceeds inside the base and is killed. Being unable to pilot the shuttle off of Phobos by himself, he realizes that the only way to escape is to go inside and fight his way through the complexes of the moon base.

Genres: Fps Shooter


How many chapters in Doom (1993)?


List of chapters in Doom (1993)

I. Knee-Deep in the Dead

1. Hangar
2. Nuclear Plant
3. Toxin Refinery (Exit to secret level)
4. Command Control
5. Phobos Lab
6. Central Processing
7. Computer Station
8. Phobos Anomaly (2 Barons of Hell are bosses)
9. Military Base (Secret level)

There is a secret level called ’Sewers’ on Xbox only.

II. The Shores of Hell

10. Deimos Anomaly
11. Containment Area
12. Refinery
13. Deimos Lab
14. Command Center (exit to secret level)
15. Halls of the Damned
16. Spawning Vats
17. Tower of Babel
18. Fortress of Mystery (Secret level)

III. Inferno

19. Hell Keep
20. Slough of Despair
21. Pandemonium
22. House of Pain
23. Unholy Cathedral
24. Erebus (exit to secret level)
25. Limbo
26. Dis
27. Warrens (secret level)

(Main missions only.)

How many side missions in Doom (1993)?


How long to beat Doom (1993)?

Main story line only: 4
Completionists: 8


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