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Days Gone

Author: adminka



If you are scrolling down you may find information regarding the story line of Days Gone!

Game plot - Days Gone

Days Gone is an open-world action-adventure game set in a harsh wilderness two years after a devastating global pandemic. Play as Deacon St. John, a Drifter and bounty hunter who rides the broken road, fighting to survive while searching for a reason to live.

At its core, Days Gone is about survivors and what makes them human: desperation, loss, madness, betrayal, friendship, brotherhood, regret, love – and hope. It’s about how even when confronted with such enormous tragedy they find a reason to live. Hope never dies.

Playable on: Playstation 4


How many chapters in Days Gone?


List of chapters in Days Gone

  1. Chasing Leon:
    • He Can’t Be Far
    • We’ll Make It Quick
    • I Say We Head North
    • Out of Nowhere / She Rode With Us
    • Price on Your Head
  2. Gear Up For The Ride:
    • Bad Way to Go Out
    • Drifters on the Mountain
    • No Starving Patriots
    • Drugged Outta His Mind
    • Everyone Has to Work
    • No One Saw it Coming
  3. He’s my Brother:
    • You Got a Death Wish/Bugged the Hell Out
    • Clear Out Those Nests
    • It’s a Rifle, Not a Gun
    • We’re Getting Low on Meat
    • Give Me a Couple of Days
    • Not Gonna Kill Anyone
    • We’ve All Done Things
    • Now You See It
    • Playing All Night
    • With Other Man’s Blood
    • I Could Use a Hand
    • Riding The Open Road
  4. I Remember:
    • What Did You Do?
    • Searching for Something / What’s A Nice Girl
    • It Was On Me
    • Making Contact
    • I’ve Pulled Weeds Before
    • I Should Have Left Her
    • I Need Your Help
    • It’s On a Mission
    • He’s Full of Crap
    • On Herod’s Birthday
    • Moments of Lucidity
    • It’s Been Crazy Here
    • No Beginning and No End
    • Drowned Them Like Rats
    • I Was Distracted / Why Am I Here?
    • It’s the only reason I’m not crazy
    • Mayday! Mayday!
    • War
    • A War We Can Win
  5. You’re Safe Now:
    • It’s Not Safe Here
    • They Won’t Let Me leave
    • I Brought You Something
    • What Have They Done
    • No Place Else To Go
    • Searching for Lisa
    • I Kept My Name
  6. Earning Our Keep:
    • Sherman’s Camp is Crawling
    • Flow Like Buried Rivers
    • You See What They Did / Do You Have My Back?
    • I Got a Job for You / They Don’t Like Visitors
    • It’s a Long Story
    • Some Kinda Freak Expert / Lines Not Crossed
    • We’re Not Hiding / That’s His Mistake
    • Better To Light The Candle / Outta The Darkness
  7. Ripped Apart:
    • How About a Ripper Camp?
    • A Score to Settle
  8. Bounty Hunter:
    • The Rest of Our Drugs
    • A Goddamn War Zone
    • Hard to Miss
    • Nice and Bloody
    • Seeds for the Spring
    • I’ll Double It
    • Over a Card Game
    • How Many Bodies?
    • Part of the Family
    • Keeping Souvenirs
    • Take Back What’s Mine
    • You Got the Wrong Guy
  9. Protecting the Weak:
    • He Never Came Back
    • Coming into Town
    • Gone Fishing
    • In their menu
    • Never Give Up Hope
  10. Surviving Isn’t Living:
    • The Only One He’s Got
    • I Got Work To Do
    • Drinking Himself To Death
    • About Boozer’s Arm / Was This a Good Idea
    • You Twisted My Arm
    • You Could Have Done More / Not Like I Got a Choice
    • Something to Heal His Soul / Have It Your Way
    • They Will Never Stop
    • Riding Nomad Again
  11. Marauder Camp Hunter:
    • Drifters at Eden Hill
    • Rippers, Go To Hell
    • I’ll Show You A Fuck-Up
    • He’s Just a Kid
  12. Keep Them Safe:
    • Trying to help the camp / Don’t Get Caught
    • It Was The Only Way Out
    • You Won’t Be Needing This
    • Without Being Seen / Now That’s An Idea
    • It never ends.
    • Like Your New Digs?
    • Time For Some Payback
  13. A Good Soldier:
    • Prove It To Me / Driven to Extinction
    • Don’t Give Me Orders
    • We Will Take Back This World
    • Leave All That by the Door
    • I Know The Look / I’ve Had Better Days
    • I Tried To Hit That Once
    • You Can’t Be Replaced
  14. I’m Never Giving Up:
    • I Know Things Are Strange
    • Afraid of a Little Competition?
    • Just Another Requisition Form / So Many Of Them
    • What Kept Me Going / I Knew These People
    • We Couldn’t Take The Risk
  15. Law and Disorder:
    • We Do Not Discriminate
    • We Must Fill the Ark
    • Throw Them Into the Furnace
    • My Eyes Have een Opened
  16. Secret ending

(Main missions only.)

How many side missions in Days Gone?

Days Gone

List of side missions in

I Remember Side Missions:

  1. It Was on Me
  2. I Should Have Left Her

Surviving Isn’t Living Side Mission:

  1. Don’t Die

Ripped Apart Side Missions?

  1. A Score to Settle
  2. Hear About a Ripper Camp?

Gear Up For a Ride Side Mission:

  1. Everyone Has to Work

Chasing Leon Side Mission:

  1. She Rode With Us

Protecting the Wekk Side Missions:

  1. Everyone has to Work
  2. He Never Come Back

Bounty Hunger Side Mission:

  1. Nice and Bloddy

Ambush Camp Hunter Side Missions:

  1. No Starving Patriots
  2. Belknap Cave Ambush Camp
  3. Berley Lake Ambush Camp
  4. Bear Creek Ambush Camp
  5. Black Crater Ambush Camp
  6. Bare Bay Ambush Camp
  7. Aspen Butte Ambush Camp
  8. Horse Creek Ambush Camp
  9. Redwood RV Park Ambush Camp
  10. Jefferson Rail Tunnel Ambush Camp
  11. Dearborn Ambush Camp
  12. Wagon Road Ambush Camp

Horde Killer Side Mission:

  1. Chemult Community College Horde

World’s End Side Missions

  1. Horse Creek Ambush Camp
  2. Marion Forks Infestation
  3. Pioneer Cemetery Checkpoint
  4. Iron Butte Mountain Road
  5. Chemult Community College Checkpoint
  6. Pilette Bridge Checkpoint
  7. Spruce Lake Checkpoint
  8. Spruce Lake Ambush Camp
  9. Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Checkpoint
  10. Santiam Tunnel Checkpoint
  11. Old Sawmill Checkpoint
  12. Rogue Tunnel Checkpoint

Marauder Camp Side Missions:

  1. Drifters on the Mountain
  2. Smoke On The Mountain
  3. Drifters at Eden Hill
  4. Rippers, Go to Hell
  5. I’ll Show You a Fuck-up
  6. He’e Just a Kid
  7. A Bunch of Cavemen
  8. Just Doing My Job
  9. How to Catch Them
  10. He’s Feeding the Freaks

How long to beat Days Gone?

Main story line only: 40
Completionists: 65


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