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Author: krisz



If you are scrolling down you may find information regarding the story line of Borderlands!

Game plot - Borderlands

Discover the original co-op shooter-looter, crammed with new enhancements! As one of 4 trigger-happy mercenaries with RPG progression, equip bazillions of guns to take on the desert planet Pandora.

Playable on: PC
Genres: RPG Shooter


How many chapters in Borderlands?


List of chapters in Borderlands

Fresh Off The Bus 1
The Doctor Is In 2
Claptrap Rescue 3
Skags At The Gate 4
Fix’er Upper 5
Blinding Nine-Toes 6
Nine-Toes: Meet T.K. Baha 7
Nine-Toes: T.K.’s Food 8
Got Grenades? 9
Nine-Toes: Take Him Down 10
Nine-Toes: Time To Collect 11
Job Hunting 12
Catch-A-Ride 13
Bone Head’s Theft 14
The Piss Wash Hurdle 15
Return To Zed 16
Sledge: Meet Shep 17
Sledge: The Mine Key 18
Sledge: To The Safe House 19
Sledge: Battle For The Badlands 20
Leaving Fyrestone 21
Getting Lucky 22
Powering The Fast Travel Network 23
Road Warriors: Hot Shots 24
Road Warriors: Bandit Apocalypse 25
Power To The People 26
Seek Out Tannis 27
Meet ‘Crazy’ Earl 28
Get Off My Lawn! 29
Hair Of The Dog 30
The Next Piece 31
Jaynistown: Secret Rendezvous 32
Jaynistown: A Brother’s Love 33
Jaynistown: Spread The Word 34
Jaynistown: Getting What’s Coming To You 35
Jaynistown: Unintended Consequences 36
Jaynistown: Cleaning Up Your Mess 37
Another Piece Of The Puzzle 38
Not Without My Claptrap 39
The Final Piece 40
Get Some Answers 41
Find The Echo Command Console 42
Reactivate the ECHO Comm System 43
Find Steele 44
Destroy The Destroyer 45
Bring The Vault Key To Tannis 46


(Main missions only.)

How many side missions in Borderlands?


List of side missions in Borderlands

No side missions.

How long to beat Borderlands?

Main story line only: 22,5
Completionists: 63 Hours


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